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Finding the right insurance coverage is never easy. With so many options and plans to choose from the possibilities can be overwhelming. If you’re in the market for premium insurance, you need a broker who understands the peculiarity of coverage as well as the importance of excellent customer service. In Milton, Ontario, All Time Insurance Brokers is the place for all of your insurance-related needs.Every broker on our team is committed to providing the attentive, personalized service you deserve. Whether you’re looking for homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, liability coverage, or flood protection, we’ll work for youround-the-clock to find the product that offers the financial security you need.

Meet the Team

Nadeem Siddiqui



I am an experienced and licensed insurance professional with working experience of more than 24 years in various financial, administrative and insurance roles including 15 years of experience with the Canadian insurance industry. I founded All Time Insurance Brokers with the goal that each of our clients receives the best customer service, coverage and risk management advice available. Our goal is to work with our clients’ best interests in mind at all times. We are here to “insure you today for your tomorrow.”

Ahmer I Farouqi

Vice President

Sales & Marketing


I am an insurance professional with proven and exemplary sales experience in the Canadian insurance industry for over 15 years, working with direct writers and large broker networks dealing with almost every insurance Company in Canada. I possess strong networking skills with only one type of mind set: “Clients are always first.” You will find me approachable and standing right by your side throughout your tenure at All Time Insurance Brokers.

Samia Aftab

Customer Relations Manager


I am a proficient insurance professional with over 9 years of experience in the Canadian insurance industry in diverse roles. I possess a distinctive skill set and a particular passion for exceeding client expectations on a daily basis. My insurance experience consists of working with direct writers and for large broker networks. I will guide you and provide you with unbiased professional advice to cater to your insurance needs, with your interest as my top priority based on the products we offer at ATIB.

Shiraz Daudjee

Account Manager


I joined All Time Insurance Brokers in 2016, bringing 14 years of prior Canadian insurance industry experience. Prior to ATIB I worked for Atto and Associates in the Underwriting Department for 5 years, before moving to Personal Insurance. After receiving my RIBO license,I then worked as an Account Representative. I have hobbies and a passion for travelling and playing cricket.